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Deep learning for machine vision: B&R, MVTec and Hailo celebrate successful collaboration at SPS 2022.

B&R enhances its smart camera portfolio with powerful deep learning functionality. A three-way collaboration with machine vision software specialist MVTec and AI processor specialist Hailo makes the B&R camera a powerful and efficient edge device. At the SPS trade show in Nuremberg, the companies celebrated the first event to come from their joint project.

Machine vision algorithms based on deep learning open up exciting new ways to improve quality, boost productivity and prevent waste while making manufacturing more flexible. “Our collaboration with MVTec gives machine builders access to the best selection of the best performing vision functions around,” says B&R machine vision specialist Andreas Waldl. “They are an industry leader in deep learning and classical rule-based algorithms – two complementary approaches that each play a critical role in machine automation.”

Speed ​​reader

The first product to come out of the project is an optical character recognition (OCR) function based on deep learning. Called Deep OCR, it achieves extremely fast reading rates, even on otherwise hard-to-recognize fonts. “For several years, we have been working with B&R to develop machine vision solutions for customers that set technological standards, especially for embedded systems,” said Thomas Hopfner, product manager of licensing and interfaces at MTVec. “This goal is also pursued by our latest collaboration. As a result, customers benefit from the benefits of the Deep OCR deep learning technology without having to sacrifice performance.”

TOPS-per-watt winner

High performance deep learning algorithms require a powerful processor. Still, acting as an edge device also made power consumption a critical issue. Today’s machine builders need not only computing speed but also power efficiency, and that’s where Hailo comes in: in addition to world-class performance of 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS), the collection’s accelerators company also requires extremely low power consumption. “Hailo helps us put truly innovative speed and intelligence where our customers need it for their fastest and most adaptive manufacturing solutions,” said Waldl.

“This type of collaboration is exactly what we had in mind when we started Hailo,” said Hailo CEO Orr Danon. “The new B&R camera harnesses Hailo’s top-performing AI accelerator, and combined with their state-of-the-art edge devices and MVTec’s advanced machine learning algorithms, we are setting new performance standards that will improve productivity and improves quality in industrial applications. .”

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